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世界杯下注app下载是全州范围的, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that works to conserve land w在这里 people and nature can thrive. 凯瑟琳·威廉姆斯于1998年创立, TennGreen是最古老的认证, statewide land conservancy (also known as a land trust) in Tennessee.



通过健全的科学和伙伴关系, 世界杯下注app下载 identifies and conserves land for wildlife corridors, 重要的栖息地, 和公共利益.

TennGreen保护, 关心, and connects people with Tennessee’s natural world by providing meaningful outdoor experiences, 建立保护管理权交易, 支持修复工作, and acquiring (or assisting in the acquisition of) privately-held land.



Tennessee is known for its extraordinary beauty from the mighty Mississippi to the Great Smoky Mountains. 我们丰富的森林, 农场, and wetlands are not only our home but also home to a vast diversity of fish and wildlife.

Tennessee is experiencing extreme human development pressure, and every missed opportunity to protect our unique lands is an irreversible loss to our future. We must act swiftly and smartly to protect the places that provide us all well-being and an unrivaled quality of life.

Why is it important for 世界杯下注app下载 to be accredited?

The seal of accreditation is a mark of distinction in land conservation. It recognizes 世界杯下注app下载 for meeting the highest standards for excellence and quality in its conservation operations. TennGreen was first accredited by The Land Trust Alliance Accreditation Commission in 2010, and it renews its accreditation status every five years through a rigorous vetting process.


世界杯下注app下载 is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that relies entirely on the support of generous donors to conserve our home and heritage. TennGreen不是政府机构.


你可以 support land conservation in Tennessee in a number of ways:

  • 捐赠给世界杯下注app下载
  • 与TennGreen的员工一起保护你的土地
  • Bring your friends to TennGreen events to learn more about conservation in Tennessee
  • Educate your friends and family on the importance of conservation
  • 减少、重复使用和循环利用



  • To donate by mail, please send your check, payable to 世界杯下注app下载, to:

    纳什维尔,TN 37212

    Include a note if you would like the donation to be restricted to a particular project.

  • To donate by phone using your credit card, please call TennGreen at (615) 329-4441.
  • 你可以 在线捐赠 using TennGreen’s low-fee and secure online giving portal.
  • To contact TennGreen’s Estate Planning/Legacy Giving experts for information on stock gifts, 年金, 遗嘱, 以及其他的给予方式, 请电子邮件 legacy@nx989.gonghedesign.com 或者今天致电(901)820-4447!


你的自动, 每月的礼品提供稳定的, 为我们的实地工作提供可靠的支持, ensuring that we can swiftly protect our vulnerable lands and waters as important conservation opportunities arise.

If I have a question about my donations or membership, who should I contact?

If you have any questions about your donations or membership, 请电子邮件 member@nx989.gonghedesign.com 或拨打(615)329-4441.

Can I sell or donate my property to 世界杯下注app下载?

世界杯下注app下载 accepts gifts of property if the donor’s interests and the property align with our mission and strategic conservation priorities. If you’re interested in donating your land, 请电子邮件 our experts at land@nx989.gonghedesign.com 或者今天致电(615)329-4441.

Can 世界杯下注app下载 help with a project in my area?

世界杯下注app下载’s projects are selected based on our conservation criteria and our Strategic Land Conservation Plan. If you think a project aligns with TennGreen’s conservation goals and priority areas, 我们想了解更多! 请世界杯下注app下载的专家 land@nx989.gonghedesign.com 或者今天.


经常, 世界杯下注app下载 acquires important tracts of land through donations or fee simple acquisitions with the intention of transferring the land to a state, 县, 或者当地的公益机构. 在可能的情况下, a land gift or bargain sale is achieved; but sometimes, 必须支付完整的公平市场价值, or, 在极少数情况下, 高估了土地的估价. In these instances, TennGreen fundraises to cover the costs that are not repaid by public agencies. Any contributions exceeding the costs of the easement/acquisition are then used to further conservation projects across the state.

How do I find out if I qualify for a tax benefit for conserving my property?

世界杯下注app下载 recommends that you speak with your account or tax advisor to determine the tax benefits of conserving your property. TennGreen staff can provide a general overview of the tax benefits of conserving land, but we strongly encourage you to seek individualized tax advice from your advisor(s).


What is the Wildlife Habitat and Conservation Assistance Fund (WHCAF) and how do I apply?

The Wildlife Habitat Conservation Assistance Fund (WHCAF) defrays expenses incurred by 世界杯下注app下载 on behalf of private landowners who need financial assistance to protect their land with a conservation easement. If you’re interested in protecting your property in perpetuity and may qualify for financial assistance, TennGreen invites you to complete and submit an application.


Does 世界杯下注app下载 have a privacy policy?

你的隐私对我们非常重要! 你可以 read 世界杯下注app下载’s privacy notice and practices 在这里.